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Athenian Rhapsody Review – “A quirky RPG you won’t soon forget”

  • Defeat enemies in combat or win them over as friends
  • Create a different Rhapsody with each new playthrough
  • The zany dialogue and absurd puzzles will keep you entertained

While most RPGs take on a serious tone, Athenian Rhapsody aims to tickle your funny bone. From Top Hat Studios, this comedic roleplaying game takes you on a journey through the bonkers world of Athens. Your goal is to create your own Rhapsody, a story that uniquely encapsulates your playthrough.

The developers even claim that with so many choices affecting the gameplay, your distinct game experience will not be replicated by another player. However, this sounds more like a marketing ploy than an actual fact.

Starting out in Athenian Rhapsody

To begin the game, you’ll need to type in your name and select your character’s gender and skin tone. Then, a roundish white creature named Thunder Goober will ask you some silly questions, like what you’d do if you saw someone being robbed or what you would do if a friend blamed you for their flatulence. Male player character in red hat being bullied by a fly as he traverses a grassy enviornment


The questions asked are random, so you never know what you’ll be asked when starting a new playthrough. Once you’ve answered all the questions, Thunder Goober will summarize what type of person they think you are. Finally, you’ll be able to begin your adventure.

Once a very friendly place, Athens is now full of creatures looking to battle you and take your Exp. The vast majority of the Athenian population is obsessed with gaining Exp and levelling up, which is a cute way to poke fun at mainstream RPGs.

Meet the strange residents of Athenian Rhapsody

One thing Athenian Rhapsody isn’t short on is quirky characters. From Richard, a diabolic pink creature with a knack for homicidal puzzles, to a Squirrel who’s always itching for a fight, each character you meet in the world of Athens features a humorous personality.  

A character you’ll meet earlier on is your Save File, which acts as a shadow of sorts. Personifying your save file is a pretty cool touch that’s made even better by the file’s erratic personality. In fact, it’s your Save File who really sets you on your journey…by pushing you over a waterfall.

Athenian Rhapsody Combat

This comedic RPG utilizes a distinct turn-based combat system in which you can opt to either damage your foes or interact with them to raise the friendship bar. You can end the fight once a friendship bar is full by befriending your combatant.

These interactions include options such as asking them to tell a joke, waving and hugging. You can even earn a bonus for befriending each type of enemy in a region.

Female player character waiting for attack gauge to fill to attack a Buglurt

Of course, sometimes you’ll need to actually attack your opponents. To attack, select fight from the combat options. A rectangular gauge will appear on the screen. When the gauge is full tap A to deal the most damage.

Enemy Attacks

Enemies don’t play by the same rules as you do. When your enemy attacks, you’ll see a mini version of your character appear in a black box. You’ll need to avoid incoming obstacles, which vary depending on your enemies.

For instance, when battling Skwumpy the Squirrel, you’ll be dodging acorns while Cattail fills the box with water before shooting balls of water at you. While the enemy attacks are quirky, they make the game’s battle system more distinct and fit well with Athenian Rhapsody’s zany vibe.

Grey Weiner dog avoiding water balls as he is attacked by a Cattail

Using Burst Abilities in Athenian Rhapsody

You can also use burst abilities in battle. Burst abilities give you an edge in battle, allow you to heal yourself, boost your speed, or raise the damage of your next attack. To use a burst ability, you must have enough burst points. You can acquire more burst points by using certain items.

As you explore the colorful world of Athens, you’ll meet various characters you can recruit as party members. For instance, you’ll meet a Weiner dog early on who just wants to go home to his peaceful doghouse. Upon recruiting this charming pup, he’ll follow you wherever you go until you escort him home.

When you have a companion, you can also switch to them during combat by tapping switch to ‘party members name’ under the Burst tab. Each party member has unique burst abilities. For instance, James can heal you and himself in battle while your Doggy companion can learn an enemy’s stats using its Sniff burst ability or run off and return with a random item via the Go Fetch ability. 

Male player character in red cap approaching a tiger inside one of Richard's deadly puzzles.

Athenian Rhapsody features an online social system

Athenian Rhapsody also features an online social system allowing you to share your Rhapsodies with friends. A Rhapsody is a unique story you create with each playthrough stored as a ticket.

You can snap photos in-game whenever you see a giant camera. The most recent photo taken will be used to represent your Rhapsody. You can even combine multiple Rhapsodies to create insane and complex experiences.

Athenian Rhapsody is sure to charm you with its adorable art style, hilarious dialogue and intriguing environments. The combat system is easy to learn but hard to master, making each battle a challenge. Further, the ability to befriend your foes instead of vanquishing them is a stroke of genius.

Femal player character exploring Jame's gym

 From battling a formidable fly, participating in one of Richard’s deadly puzzles, and recruiting new companions, this gem of an RPG will have you chuckling to yourself as you create your very own Rhapsody.

Athenian Rhapsody icon

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