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Alan Wake 2 partners with Finnish clothing brand for a “Cult Collection” inspired by the game

Finnish clothing company Makia has teamed with Remedy to release a line of high-end unisex streetwear inspired by Alan Wake 2.


To celebrate the release of Remedy’s highly-anticipated sequel, the “Cult Collection” of clothing “tells stories from darkness” and features jackets, sweatshirts, tees, and a cap.

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“The unisex streetwear collection draws inspiration from the nightmarish world of Alan Wake and the enigmatic Cult of Tree featured in the sequel,” the team explains on the official website. “Characterised by the cult’s emblems and deer masks worn by the cultists, the collection evokes the eerie and unsettling feel of a small town with a big secret.”

“The quality of all the Makia Alan Wake 2 items is superb,” tweeted Remedy’s communications director, Thomas Puha. “The craftsmanship is excellent. Been wearing most of the collection for quite a while. This was one thing I had some control over in this project, so for me personally, this collection is huge and a dream come true.

As well as the brand’s “concept stores” in Helsinki, Raisio, and Oulu in Finland, the swanky gear is also available via the official website (thanks, VGC).

Breaking down Alan Wake 2’s visuals, Digital Foundry said: “From a visual perspective though, Alan Wake 2 is an extraordinary effort. On current-gen consoles, there’s not much that can rival the incredible density of detail and fine-grained lighting on display here. That’s not to say there aren’t issues, and performance does need some additional work, but it’s hard to say that Alan Wake 2 is anything other than a superb-looking release. For players who like survival horror, and want to experience some of the best technology deployed so far this generation, it’s an easy recommendation.”


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