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Alan Wake 2 expansions detailed, include trip inside fictional TV show

Alan Wake 2 is out today, and Remedy has now detailed two expansions set to continue its story in 2024.

The first is named Night Springs, which Alan Wake fans will know is the name of the series’ in-game TV show (based heavily on The Twilight Zone).

“Visions and dreams,” Remedy teases of what fans should expect here. “Fiction is written and coming true. Fiction collapses and remains just words on a page. These are those stories… in Night Springs.”

Alan Wake 2 on PlayStation 5 – the Digital Foundry verdict.

This first expansion will allow you to play as “several familiar charactes from the world of Alan Wake” as you “experience the unexplainable in multiple self-contained episodes of Night Springs”.

It sounds like a fun way to play more in Alan Wake’s world, and I’m intrigued to see which characters we’ll be able to play as. Is this finally Barry’s moment to shine?!

Alan Wake 2’s second expansion The Lake House seems more related to the sequel’s actual plot, and will see players exploring a “mysterious facility situated on the shores of Cauldron Lake set up by an independent government organisation to conduct secret research… until something goes wrong”.

Remedy says this expansion will feature two separate adventures, and will see the worlds of Alan Wake 2’s dual protagonists – Saga and Alan – “collide” again.

The description of this second expansion reminds me of how Control’s second expansion crossed over into the world of Alan Wake. Will we be learning more about the Federal Bureau of Control here? Could we even see a guest appearance from Control protagonist Jesse Faden, perhaps?

Remedy previously told Eurogamer that Alan Wake 2’s expansions will allow its developers to be “even more creative with the narrative”. Just yesterday, Remedy also teased a New Game Plus mode for Alan Wake 2, which would offer some kind of alternative story.

We’re taking a bit longer with our review, but Digital Foundry has weighed in with its take on Alan Wake 2’s visuals in the meantime.


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