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Akuma’s arrival in Street Fighter 6 now has a date

The next fighter to join the Street Fighter 6 roster will be the demon Akuma, who arrives on 22nd May.

His inclusion was teased by Capcom back in March, but now we know the release date and more on his moveset.

In addition, a new stage – Enma’s Hollow, where Akuma trains – will be added on the same day as the character, as well as Outfit 3 for all Year 1 characters (Rashid

, AKI, Ed, and Akuma).

Street Fighter 6 – Akuma Teaser TrailerWatch on YouTube

Akuma, the new stage, and the new outfits will be available for owners of the Year 1 Ultimate Pass, Year 1 Character Pass, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition.

Further, a battle balance update is planned for this same time with specific details due soon.

Considering Street Fighter 6 released on 2nd June last year, Akuma is presumably the final addition for the game’s first year.

Akuma launches Ryu with flaming uppercut in Street Fighter 6
Image credit: Capcom

Akuma made his series debut in 1994’s Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo as a hidden boss. As a throwback, his second outfit in this game is inspired by that debut.

His moves include the return of Ashura Senku to glide on the battlefield and his Gou Hadoken fireball, as well as a new thrusting move called Adamant Flame and a selection of demonic Super Arts.

Who would you like to see added to the game in Year 2?


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