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A decade later, Destiny will finally let you change your face


The original Destiny arrived 10 years ago this year – and finally, Bungie will let players modify their character’s face.

To be clear, if you have been playing as the same character since Destiny 1, this will be the first time in a decade that you will have been able to update your Guardian’s basic appearance.

The ability to do so has been a long, long-requested thing from fans. Now, Bungie has said the option will be implemented this year, ahead of its climactic (and delayed) expansion The Final Shape.

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“You will be able to modify the appearance of your Guardians anytime, without cost or limit to the number of changes,” Bungie wrote in a blog post.

“Just take into consideration that while you can change the body type, face, hair/head, and markings, it won’t be possible to change from one origin to another (i.e., Human, Exo, or Awoken).”

Bungie is currently on a drive to turn Destiny 2’s fortunes around, after a report detailed falling player numbers and declining review projects.

Layoffs at Bungie followed, before Bungie made its four-month delay to The Final Shape official.

In November, Bungie told Destiny 2 players it knew “we have lost a lost of your trust”.


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